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Cloudy with some rain at first today then brighter with showers and strong W値y winds. Mostly dry tonight with winds easing a touch and veering NW値y.

Saturday mainly dry and bright with much lighter winds then rain and strengthening S値y winds in evening. Sunday brighter with a few showers, these more frequent later as SW値y winds veer fresh to strong W値y.

Some brighter spells during the first part of next week otherwise rather cloudy with showers or longer spells of rain. Fresh, occasionally strong SW to W値y winds. Possibly drier later as winds turn NW to N値y.



A cold front having cleared overnight the Northern Isles lies in the strong and showery W値y airflow of a depression over Iceland. This will veer NW値y later as a ridge moves in from the west.

High pressure, with a ridge across northern Scotland, is expected to drift east over the UK on Saturday, The next low, forecast to move east over Iceland, then driving Atlantic fronts across Scotland overnight. A freshening, showery SW to W値y airflow is likely on Sunday as the fronts clear.

Current predictions for the first part of next week suggest high pressure to the south and low pressure to the north of the UK may well bring a changeable SW to W値y airflow across northern parts. This possibly tending NW値y later as low pressure moves into Scandinavia and pressure builds over the Atlantic.



Daytime highs of 10ー or 11ー Celsius, perhaps 12ー Celsius for Kirkwall and 9ー Celsius on and near exposed western coasts. Overnight lows around 6ー Celsius.

FRIDAY 22nd: Cloudy with some patchy rain at first. This clearing then a brighter but showery day with F6-7 W値y winds, perhaps increasing gale F8 for a time. Later turning NW値y, easing F5. A mostly dry though rather cloudy night with a few showers, mainly across Shetland where winds are likely to remain fresh.
Sea State: Rough to very rough, with a 3 to 5 metre W to NW値y wind swell. Highest in the west.

SATURDAY 23rd: Some early showers, but soon becoming mostly dry and bright as F5 NW値y winds back F2-3 W値y. Clouding over through the afternoon as SW値y winds freshen F5 with rain by evening with strong S値y winds.
Sea State: Moderate to rough at first, with a 2 to 3 metre NW値y wind-swell. Highest in the west. Becoming mostly moderate, with a 2 metre S to SW値y wind-swell.

SUNDAY 24th: The rain clearing then bright with sunny spells and a few showers. These more frequent later as F5-6 SW値y winds veer F6 W値y. Winds turning NW値y overnight and perhaps easing across the north of Shetland.
Sea State: Moderate to rough, with a 2 to 3 metre SW to W値y wind-swell.



Temperatures in the daily range 10ー or 11ー Celsius down to around 6ー Celsius.

MONDAY 25th: Bright with some showers and a moderate to fresh NW値y wind. Possibly lighter across Unst and Yell.
Sea State: Perhaps moderate to rough, with a 2 to 3 metre W to NW値y wind-swell.

TUESDAY 26th: Perhaps bright with some showers and a fresh to strong W値y wind.
Sea State: Perhaps moderate to rough, with a 2 to 4 metre W値y wind-swell. Highest in the west.

WEDNESDAY 27th - SUNDAY 31st: Some showers on Wednesday with a fresh W値y wind. Then changeable with some of rain or showers and fresh or strong SW to W値y winds, but perhaps tending to a cool W to NW値y for a time later. Some short drier, brighter and less windy interludes can be expected.
Sea State Wednesday: Possibly moderate to rough, with a 2 to 4 metre W値y wind-swell. Highest in the west.


10-Day Weather Outlook
for Shetland, Orkney and Caithness

Page updated
Friday 22 May, 2015 11:16



Becoming brighter with showers. Windy.


Mostly dry. Winds easing.


Mainly dry and bright. Light winds at first. Rain later.

  Days 3 5

Rather cloudy with showers or longer spells rain. Winds fresh to strong.

Days 6-10

Perhaps drier and brighter but still cool.


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Cumulonimbus with anvil (CL9)
16th December 2006, 0904z
Cumulonimbus with anvil (CL9) Looking NNE
Showery SW to W'ly airflow
Temp 6.1°C, dew point 1.6°C, wind 240° 17kt

Cumulus mediocris developing over Fair Isle
24th May 2006, 1300z
Cumulus mediocris developing over Fair Isle
and forming a 'clouc street' downwind
of the Isle (CL2)
Temp 9.0°C, dew point 4.5°C, wind F2 S'ly.
Stratocumulus formed from the spreading out of cumulus
24th May 2006, 2001z
Stratocumulus formed from the
spreading out of cumulus (CL4)

Temp 7 °C, dew point 5 °C, wind F3 W'ly
Approaching shower. Cumulonimbus with anvil
24th May 2006, 2016z
Approaching shower.
Cumulonimbus with anvil (CL9)

Temp 7 °C, dew point 5 °C, wind F3 W'ly
Showers over Shetland and passing through the Fair Isle Channel
24th May 2006, 2034z
Showers over Shetland and passing through
the Fair Isle Channel. Cumulonimbus with anvil

Temp 7 °C, dew point 5 °C, wind F3 W'ly


Fair Isle, South LighthouseFair Isle, South Lighthouse

Full moon rising
1700 UTC 25th October

Full moon rising

Disclaimer CHARTS

Shetland Weather Review



This outlook is based on an appraisal of the charts and ensembles from GFS, ECMWF, UKMO and FAX available via the internet, and over 30 years of local weather experience.

Be aware that the weather over north-west Europe - and especially around the Northern Isles - is part of an ever-changing and dynamic system. Therefore regard the 10-Day Outlook' as a guide only - there are times when any outlook going beyond about 36 to 48 hours is likely to prove unreliable.

Always check the latest forecast from the UK Met Office before undertaking any weather-dependant activity.

All forecasts are for planning purposes only.

Neither Dave Wheeler, nor any employee of Fair Isle Weather Services, accepts any liability for the accuracy of this forecast.

Please note that this page is usually updated every day (around mid-morning) but on occasions updates may be irregular. A daily service by e-mail is available, but is charged for.

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aurura glow

Aurora glow, looking north towards Ward Hill
(l ights of Setter croft foreground)
Photograph taken about 2100UTC 18th October 2007
Pentax K10D with Pentax DA 16-45mm F4 w/a lens set at 16mm
Exposure 193 seconds at F5.6 ISO100



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Bright with an occasional shower. Light winds freshening across Shetland.